Entry #1

Breaking in!

2011-04-12 23:01:55 by ShudoRanmaru

Finally decided to offer my voice services here. I've been frequently active on the Voice Acting Alliance and made this account on new grounds forever ago. I've taken an interest in more original projects as time has passed and well, here I am!

You can check out my latest demo reel below:

2011 Animation Demo Reel

If you think I'd suit one of your characters just shoot me a PM, or more preferably, an Email.

Please supply a description of the project, character/s you're interested in having me voice, voice type and some art samples. I can be kind of picky with what projects I'll agree to do, mainly because of time constraints, but it never hurts to ask! I won't bite! :)

Shudo's Mini Directory:
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2011-06-18 08:02:22

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2012-08-24 17:44:34

Hey you are awesome in Dusk!!

ShudoRanmaru responds:

Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you enjoy my performance as Ginger! c:


2013-11-01 17:48:05

Hi my name is Sumire just thought I'd drop in and say love your work and what you do and keep up the good work Okay.


2015-04-27 11:38:15